Thanks for checking us out for your music lesson needs. Our teachers are qualified, professional, and delivery high quality and fun lessons.We believe learning should be fun while you are encouraged to do your best. 

At Music Exploration, we have many teachers from different backgrounds and styles of music. We offer;

  • Friendly, qualified teachers. Our teachers are only the best musicians as well as instructors.
  • Beginners welcome, from children to adults Wherever you are in your musical journey, you can find a teacher to meet your music needs. Our teachers specialize in music lessons for beginners.
  • We are here to assist you We will help you find a private music instructor to fit your needs and ensure you have a rewarding learning experience.
  • In home lessons or at our different studio locations in the Carroll County and Baltimore County locations. Each teacher will have different preferences in whether they teach in home or at our studios. 

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I have played music for over 25 years in bands, churches and other venues. I enjoy teaching students of all ages with lessons geared just for you. Didn't we get you connected? If not, blame us on not showing you earlier the following magic buttons:


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