There are many options these days when trying to find a way to learn an instrument.  Many children want to play some kind of musical instrument. Given the limited attention most school band teachers can give (sometimes they see band students twice a week in a large group), if a student really wants to succeed, they need private lessons.  Parents are then tasked with the chore of finding a suitable music teacher for piano lessons, guitar lessons, etc. 

How do you find such a music teacher in Carroll County, for instance?  Sometimes finding a good guitar teacher or saxophone teacher can be as easy as asking the local band teacher for references; however, many people go to local music stores, if they are available.  Another great way to find a teacher is through word of mouth.  In addition, many students have responded to signs they've seen alongside the road.  The only way to truly know if you've found the right teacher for you or your child is to take the step of contacting the music teacher and giving it a try.  At Music Exploration, we've given guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, mandolin lessons, saxophone lessons, and clarinet lessons to students from Carroll County and Baltimore County.  We've had students from as young as 5 years old to people in their mid-60's.  We are equal opportunity musicians! 

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I have played music for over 25 years in bands, churches and other venues. I enjoy teaching students of all ages with lessons geared just for you. Didn't we get you connected? If not, blame us on not showing you earlier the following magic buttons:


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