Mandolin lessons are taught using the Hal Leonard Mandolin Method books. Students are taught to read music as well as tablature, play chords, and play by ear. Various rock, bluegrass, country, and worship tunes are taught to the students as they progress through the method books. The student will study blues scales, pentatonic scales, and emphasis is put on improvisation and soloing. Other styles of music are focused on, including blues, rock and pop.

Mandolin Lessons are $90 per month - half hour lesson once per week.

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I use the Hal Leonard Mandolin Series. All of the books are available for purchase at your lessons for your convenience.

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I have played music for over 25 years in bands, churches and other venues. I enjoy teaching students of all ages with lessons geared just for you. Didn't we get you connected? If not, blame us on not showing you earlier the following magic buttons:


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